Custom Woodworking- Barn Doors

  • April 21, 2021



We recently had a client with a vision for some massive custom sliding barn doors for their corporate headquarters. Read on to learn about the process, and be sure to watch the video!

Each door was 12 feet wide and nearly 10 feet tall, and weighed in at over 800lbs! Naturally, a project like this took a lot of planning and teamwork.

First, we utilized CNC technology to cut and router the doors. After assembly, our production team sent the doors to our paint and finishing shop to receive their rich stain. Our team constructed special brackets to stand the doors up while being worked on. Once the doors were ready to go, our team used specially made carts to transport them. Because of the size and weight of the doors, we made the carts specifically able to accommodate each door, roll smoothly and fit through doorways and onto the truck for shipping. To accomplish this, we calculated the doors would have to sit at a 57 degree angle so they would clear doorways and the trailer. We then transported the massive doors to our shipping area where where our shipping department meticulously wrapped to protect the edges during transport.

Once wrapped, we slightly lifted each barn door onto the truck and taken to the job site. At the site, our shipping and installation teams unloaded each door using a forklift and a lot of cooperation. Once inside, our installers used special jigs to hold the doors on the tracks. This allowed our team to measure and mark where the hardware needed to be. After completed, we tested that the doors were level, smooth rolling, and fit. After a lot of work by our amazing team, these custom barn doors are now a beautiful part of our client’s vision.

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