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Commercial Millwork

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Plano Presbyterian Hospital Expansion

• Located in Plano, Texas - 8 floors.
• All woodwork was factory finished.
• Patient Rooms - Factory finished plain
  sliced cherry veneer wardrobe cabinets
  with solid cherry trim factory finished and
  accent panel at ceiling.
• Nurses Stations are clad with plastic
  laminate and solid surface. Plastic
  laminate panel column wraps.
• Elevator Lobby - 3-form composite panels
  hung on stainless standoffs.
• NICU Corridors - Laminate clad wainscot
• Nursery Areas - Half wall clad with plain
  sliced cherry veneered panels and 3-form
  composite panels. Plain sliced cherry
  veneered sliding doors with 3-form
  composite panels and laminate tops.
• 1st Floor Common Areas - Paint grade
  corridor trim and plain sliced cherry
  veneered wall panels & 3-form composite