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Architectural Millwork

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New Fort Worth Museum of Science
and History

• Located in Fort Worth, Texas.
• Base trim recessed into wall with ¼” reveal
  between edge of sheetrock and top edge of
  base trim.
• Over 2,500 ft of quarter sawn cherry
  hardwood base, factory finished.
• Over 4,000 ft of factory primed base.
• Over 1,000 sq ft of quarter sliced cherry
  veneer wainscot panel, factory finished.
• Over 30 custom-made quarter sawn cherry
  doorjambs and doors with cherry veneer
  inlay, factory finished.
• Cabinetry - Exposed Surfaces - Quarter
  sliced cherry veneered mdf; Semi-Exposed
- Whole piece face white maple
  veneered mdf and maple hardwood
  drawers, factory finished. Solid surface
  tops were included with all cabinetry.
• Public Rest Rooms - Solid surface tops
  with custom-made solid surface sinks.
• Retail Store - Quarter sliced veneered
  cherry wall and cabinetry with granite
• Special Events Room - Quarter sliced
  cherry 8X4 veneered mdf wainscot panels,
  quarter sawn cherry hardwood bead board
  panels and custom flush-veneered doors
  clad with wainscot panel and cherry bead
  board on floor closures, factory finished.
• Special Events Foyer - Quarter sliced
  cherry veneered wall panels, Cherry
  beaded board panels and quarter sliced
  veneered cherry ceiling panels, factory
• Serving Area - Quarter sliced cherry
  veneered mdf with stainless steel tops.
• Back of house casework - Plastic laminate
  clad cabinets and solid surface tops.
• Custom quarter sliced veneered cherry
  lockers with digital locks.