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Are you looking to obtain a MR7 certified wood credit?

Anton Cabinetry can help you through the sometimes confusing process of obtaining certified millwork. We are one of the few millwork companies in the Dallas Fort Worth area that has held a FSC COC certificate since 2007. Make sure that your millwork contractor holds a FSC certificate otherwise their millwork might not count towards the MR7 Certified Wood Credit!

What to consider when looking for FSC certified millwork.

Certified Millworker: millworkers, cabinetmakers, etc. must hold a valid FSC COC certificate in order for the products they manufacture and install to count towards MRc7 Certified Wood. Anton Cabinetry has held a valid FSC COC certificate since 2007.

Other considerations are cost and availability of specified FSC material. Because FSC is the only accepted certified wood by LEED for MRc7 the options for wood products and materials are sometimes limited. This in turn usually means less selection, higher costs, and lead times. This is not always they case, but it is something to consider when pursing MRc7 certified millwork. Please contact Anton Cabinetry for more information.

Why does my millwork company need to have an FSC certificate? Well, because FSC says so.

Millwork Companies are required to hold a Chain Of Custody certificate (COC) in order for their products to count towards the MRc7 certified wood credit. The Forest Stewardship Council clarified this in July of 2010 on its website: "All other organizations will need to be FSC CoC certified in order for the certified wood products they fabricate and install to count toward MRc7. This includes organizations like cabinetmakers and architectural millworkers that manufacture products off-site and then install them on-site (even if considered a subcontractor)."

For more information, visit the FSC website.

Want to know if a millworker holds a valid COC certificate?

Follow this link and use the search features to find and verify valid FSC certificates.